Who we are?


EPAEJ  is a resource centre for non-formal education, which organises training programmes focused on sociocultural and leisure activities.

We specialise in  training and research about youth work through individuals and public entities, who work as volunteers or as paid workers in the social and cultural field.

It is a programme/department which is part of the Youth Department of the Madrid Autonomous Community Regional Government since 1984.



La Escuela de Animación

Specifically, we target people who:.

  •  …take part in youth associations or informal groups related to youth intervention.

  • …work in the Youth Services department of any Public Administration body (regional City Halls and Governments).

  • …work in the Youth Services department of social organisations (youth associations, NGOs, etc.)

  • …work directly with young people in a variety of projects or experiences.

  •  …are  training in the area of non-formal education.

This includes, in general, any young individuals with an interest and concern about sociocultural and leisure activity training.

We have  three main branches of activity regarding contents:

  •  Participation

  •  Education in ethical values

  •  Methodologies, tools, and resources for working with young people.

These three branches are transversal to the subject matter we are working with:

  • Sociocultural activities

  •  Leisure activities

  •  Youth Information and Communication

  •  Disabilities

  •  Socially-challenged Youth

  •  Creativity and Expression

  •  Environmental and Sustained Development Education

  •  Inter-cultural Education

  •  Training Trainers

  •  Mutual Education

  •  Attitude and Ethical Values Education

  •  Participation and Associative activities

  •  Use of New Technologies for youth work.

  • It is based on the training needs: to adapt the process to the level, expectations, and the interests of the working group.

  • It is a focused training process on learning, not only transmitting information.

  •  It is based on group participation. It is the working group itself that guides its own learning process.

  •  It is practice-oriented.

  •  It is based on creativity, such as the capacity needed to provide a methodological answer to each step in the training process.

The School carries out training actions organised along four different lines:

  • Its own annual programme of courses, workshops, seminars, etc.

  • An annual programme of activities in collaboration with youth associations.

  • An annual programme of activities in collaboration with the Youth Services of the City Councils of the Madrid Autonomous Community.

  • A variety of training actions in collaboration with other public administration, foundations, universities, NGOs, and other entities.

Our educational platform also develops partial in-person and online training programmes.

  • A Programme of Basic Training for Associations.

  •  Developing participation in Secondary Schools.

  • Training Plan for Youth Activity Technicians.

  • Advising of Public and Private bodies on related subjects.

  • Youth Information Office.

  • Specialised library on youth, sociocultural and leisure activities.

  • The School’s own publications.




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Escuela Pública de Animación y Educación en el Tiempo Libre Infantil y Juvenil

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