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Ventana del Cine Madrileño is a tool that provides backing to the Madrid film industry. It was set up by the Madrid Regional Government in conjunction with The Madrid Audiovisual Association (AMA).

The main objective of this initiative is to create an annual framework to promote collaboration and the co-production of feature films with companies and professionals from other geographical areas. The first edition, held in 2015, was attended by guest delegations from Sweden and Columbia. The guests in 2016 are Mexico and Rumania. The guests in 2017 are Chile and Germany.

The goal of the Ventana del Cine Madrileño is to open up the possibility of future alliances and co-productions for Madrid-based projects, and to expand the distribution of films produced in Madrid while attracting foreign investment through the promotion of film shoots in the Community of Madrid.

Presentations, round tables and debates have been scheduled over a three day period in addition to the co-productions forum, the central pillar of the Ventana del Cine Madrileño which will foster meetings between production companies from Madrid and their Mexican and Rumanian counterparts for the presentation of potential co-production projects.

Ventana del Cine Madrileño came into being as a platform promoting film shoots. In conjunction with the co-production meetings and round tables, a delegation of international locations experts will visit a wide range of locations in the Madrid region on the days of the event, with the aim of increasing the number of international film shoots in Madrid.

Ventana de Cine Madrileño is a forum for seeking out co-productions and alliances for Madrid feature film projects promoted by Madrid Regional Government and AMA (The Madrid Audiovisual Association):


  • Event devoted to seeking out co-productions and alliances for Madrid-based projects.
  • Distribution of film produced in Madrid and the image of Madrid among the participants.
  • Attraction of foreign investment through film shoots in the Madrid region.