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Director: Alejandro Fernández Almendras
Scriptwriter: Pablo Paredes, Claudia Pérez
Producer: Sebastián Freund
Production company: Demente Contenido
1939. Neruda has obtained the ship “Winnipeg”, in order to move to Chile thousands of victims of the Spanish Civil War. Once in the ship, Rocío and Victor start to remember the past few weeks. She is a republican combatant and he is a young parliamentarian. Together, they have fled from Spain to France to save their lives, but they are captured and imprisoned in a concentration camp. After, they run away and, aboard the ship – originally built for a hundred passengers and now carrying more than 2400 – Rocío and Victor starts a romance. From Spain, Franco tries everything to sabotage the scape. In order to survive, they need to be organized, to mutiny and to expose the traitors. After a month on board thinking they wouldn’t make it, they sight in the horizon the city of Valparaíso.


Director: Rodrigo Sepúlveda, Mika Kurvinen
Scriptwriter: Manuela Infante, Tarja Kylmä
Producers: Sergio Gándara, Leonora González
Actors: Laura Birnin, Pelle Heikkilä, Anti Mikkola, Gastón Salgado, Nathalia Aragonese, Nicolás Saavedra
Production company: Parox Productora
Chile, Military Coup of 1973. The Finnish ambassador Tapani Brotherus receives the orders of his government to deny asylum to victims of political prosecution. However, Tapani disobeys, and with the support of his wife Lysa, he helps thousands of refugees.


Director: Juan Ignacio Sabatini
Scriptwriter: Enrique Videla, Pablo Paredes, Juan Ignacio Sabatini
Producer: Adrián Solar
Actors: Antonia Zegers, Néstor Cantillana, Gastón Salgado
Production company: Villano
September 1986. It’s been 15 years since General Pinochet took power in Chile. Since then, the country has lived under the oppression of his dictatorial military regime, one of the last in Latin America. To Ramiro, this must stop at any cost. Risking his own life, he decides to plan, together with his comrade in arms, most of them inexperienced, an incredible murder attempt against the tyrant. Based on real events and narrated as a political and police thriller, the film’s narration follows a non lineal structure that tells us a story about loyalty and betrayal from the point of view of Ramiro, a former physical education teacher who has devoted himself to the armed struggle, forgetting about personal relationships; Sacha, a humble young man from the slums in Santiago, a football enthusiast with no political training and Tamara, an attractive psychologist who left behind a high class family to live underground and become the only woman with a commander rank in the Patriotic Front. All of them have a common goal: to kill Pinochet.


Director: Rolando Carileo Nova
Scriptwriter: Rolando Carileo, Berta Leyva, Romy Valenta
Producer: José Miguel Matamala Ubilla
Actors: Onna Chaplin, Paola Latus, Alejandro Goic, Luis Dubó
Production companies: Comoperro LTDA, Artistas Felices EIRL
Marked by the tragic loss of his girlfriend, Beto is kind of a poet and a construction worker. Unexpectedly, he receives the visit of her unknown cousin Jana, from East Europe. Despite the communication challenges because Ana doesn’t speak Spanish and Beto’s English is terrible, mutual attraction embraces them instant after instant. Would be Beto able to overcome from his emotional paralysis and accept the happiness with his cousin?


Director: Pablo Berthelon
Scriptwriter: Pablo Berthelon
Producer: Alfredo Sánchez
Production companies: Pablo Berthelon, Roberto Trejo
Concepcion 1984. A group of young rebels from the province meet to fulfill their dreams, to create a band of rock from which to fight against the military dictatorship. A mythical group is born, "Emociones Clandestinas - Clandestine Emotions" A band that with their critical and insubordinate attitude will generate a new style of being young , rockers and rebels. The film narrates the story of the band, their beginnings, its dreams, its personals triumphs, its musical successes, its conflicts and its separation at the beginning of the return to democracy.


Director: Nicolás Gumzán
Scriptwriter: Nicolás Guzmán, Martín Santapaun
Producer: Matías de Bourguignon
Actors: Antonia Zegers
Production company: Agosto Cine
Based on a true story situated in the conservative Chile of the nineties, The Undeniable tells the story of Coca (40), a recently divorced upper-class woman who has spent the last months of her life wasting her ex-husband's money on lavish parties. This is how she meets Santiago (40), a doctor with whom she establishes a deep friendship. However, Coca is put to the test when her new friend begins to develop a relationship with her eleven year old daughter. Coca approves of the romance until it becomes public, and cornered by social pressure, she must declare against Santiago in order to protect her daughter.


Director: Óscar Godoy
Scriptwriter: Óscar Godoy
Producer: Óscar Godoy
Production company: Marqués de Carabás Producciones
In the year of 1934, a Chilean mestizo, Luis González González (who prefers to hide the surname of his Mapuche mother, Catrileo) walks out of jail and enrolls in the civil guard, where he is sent out to repress a Mapuche rebellion in the South. In the middle of the guerrilla that unfolds in the mountains he changes sides, but then finds himself equally marginalized by both groups. In the end he will have to make up his mind on where he really belongs.