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Scriptwriter: Carlos García Miranda
Producer: Rafael Linares
Production company: Creta Producciones
The train that takes the students from Conexo to ski in the mountains derails when it is crossing a tunnel. Eva, Noel, Sabina, Gabi, Ana and Sam are the only survivors, but no one comes to rescue them. In Conexo there are six identical boys to them occupying their place ... Why are they duplicates? What really happened in the mountain tunnel? The group will have to solve the puzzle before the world collapses because of it.


Director: Juan Gautier
Scriptwriter: Juan Gautier, Josep Lluís Gómez
Producer: José Esteban Alenda, Andrea Gautier
Production companies: Solita Films, Smiz And Pixel
Carlos is a young man whose desire is to fit in with that new and attractive microcosmos called College. To achieve that, he is willing to be humbled and to prove to himself that he is like the others. This is his story. That of someone who, unbeknownst to himself, finds out that hazing is far more cruel and sickening: when he tries to bail out, he is overcome with obstacles. What begins as a supposedly "innocent" game, becomes a perverse spiral of bloody.


Director: Álvaro Giménez Sarmiento
Scriptwriter: Alejandra Musi, María del Puy Alvarado
Producer: María del Puy Alvarado
Production company: Malvalanda S.L.
Three stories that intersect and complement each other. The same element, three ways of living with it, feeling it and being affected by it. ICE is fire, passion, hope, desolation, present, past and future.


Director: Santiago Tabernero, Borja Echevarría
Scriptwriter: Santiago Tabernero, Borja Echevarría
Producers: Luis Ángel Ramírez, Mario Madueño
Actors: José Coronado, Juana Acosta, Óscar Jaenada
Production company: Imval Madrid, Pantalla Partida
Alex is in his fifty and his life is a real mess. Suddenly he descover his double living a perfect life in Colombia. Alex wants to know more about Tom´s life. He travels to Cartagena de Indias and look for an hotel room in front of Tom´s villa. Alex will be on watch the life of his twin and become an obsesion for him.


Director: Susana Guardiola
Scriptwriter: Susana Guardiola
Producer: Luis Collar
Production company: Nephilim producciones, S.L.
Why are there so many wars, poverty and people lacking food or drinking water?
Because peace is not just the absence of war, “PEACE” is a film and series that considers Peace to be possible, by improving society through human rights, gender equality, ethnic integration, democracy, education, disarmament, among others. Through anonymous people and well-known figures like the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis and Nobel Peace Prize laureates we will lay out the steps to be taken for building Peace together.


Director: Borja Soler
Scriptwriter: Daniel Remón, Borja Soler
Producer: Rodrigo Sorogoyen
Production company: Caballo Films
After years of financial control from Berlin, Spain has finally become a German province: Spanien. Marisol, the Mayor of a city in the Spanish coast, decides to break the law and declares its independence. Although this declaration poses no immediate threat - as it has no judicial validity - Germany must hold firm so they send Alexandra, an ambitious and young German-Spanish politician, to end the rising of the Spanish independence movement.


Director: Fernando González Molina
Scriptwriter: Fernando González Molina
Producer: Carina Pardavila Requejo
Production companies: Prisa Producciones de Video, El País
THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE tells the stories of six people traveling to Madrid to attend the WorldPride, the Gay Parade International.
Max and Nick, a Russian couple who comes to Madrid for their first Gay Pride; Ruth, a young Ugandan activist, Timo, a young deaf sportsman and two Spanish transsexuals. The documentary visits them in their places of origin and accompanies them to Madrid, a city open to diversity where they will share the great international LGTB party, a positive, emotional experience, through the eyes of Fernando González Molina, one of the most Blockbuster of Spanish cinema.


Director: Arturo Ruiz Serrano
Scriptwriter: Arturo Ruiz Serrano
Producers: Mariano Baratech, Loris Omedes
Actors: Juanjo Ballesta, Álvaro Cervantes, Roberto Álamo
Production company: El Gatoverde Producciones S.L.
During the spring of 1948, in one of the hardest prisions of the Spanish post-war period, the greatest and most spectacular flight of the century took place. Twelve young men, armed only with their ingenuity and sacrifice, dug for a hundred and two days, a long and narrow tunnel that led them to the outside, where an even greater challenge awaited them: cross the peninsula to reach the desired freedom on the other side of the Pyrenees. But to do so, they had to face an even more dangerous enemy: their own companions.