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Comunidad de Madrid

Atra Bilis Teatro / Angélica Liddell

Ping Pang Qiu

Documentary theatre

Madrid premiere Country: Spain Language: Spanish Approx. duration: 1 hr 40 mins (no interval) Year of production: 2012

About the event

Ping Pang Qiu

"She transforms horror, making the theatrical act a gesture of survival."


One of the key artists and actresses of contemporary Spanish theatre, Angélica Liddell, describes the experience of getting her latest work, Ping Pang Qiu, up and running: "The first aim was to talk about my love for China but the experience both before and during rehearsals led me to talk about the killing of the world of expression. Precisely because I love China, I needed to talk about everything which is destroying China. Ping Pang Qiu ended up becoming a documentary. We find ourselves up against the barbarity of a police state which extends repression right up to a rehearsal room in Madrid. So this work couldn't be anything else but a documentary. In turn, it's also a profound act of love. One day, before beginning rehearsals, Lola said to me that she was reading One Man's Bible, by Gao Xingjian. I bought it and also began to read it. During the rehearsals, we read this book, which is banned by the Beijing government, to a Chinese person. Ping Pang Qiu are the consequences of that." .



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Teatros del Canal, Sala Verde
February 14 to 16 at 8.30pm.
February 17 at 6.30pm.
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