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Film Madrid, Region of Madrid Filming Promotion Office

Film Madrid, the Filming Promotion Office of the Madrid Region, aims to support the audio-visual industry in Madrid through actions geared to facilitating applications for filming permits and offering practical information to all production companies that choose the Madrid Region as a location for their productions and/or production services.

  • Advice on scouting.
  • Guidance on the management of filming permits.
  • Coordination with the different municipalities in the Region of Madrid and with other public administrations to facilitate film permit application procedures and documentation.
  • Information on companies and professionals in the audio-visual sector in the Madrid Region.
  • Information on production and post-production logistics.
  • Processing of reports.
  • Information on grants, calls to tender and subsidies related to audio-visual production in Madrid.

About Madrid Region

The Madrid Region is one of the 17 autonomous regions in Spain and is situated in the geographical centre of the country at the south-west tip of Europe. It covers a surface area of 8.028 sq km. The region´s current population is over 6 million inhabitants, and the most notable characteristic of its climate is undoubtedly its vast range of temperatures, which can be as low as 0ºC in winter and as high as 40ºC in the summer.


With numerous and versatile locations, urban and natural areas of incalculable heritage and landscape value alongside state-of-the-art constructions: Mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, that place amazing castles, medieval villas, churches and chapels, and so on in sharp contrast to its modern city. More info


With excellent communications infrastructures, an extensive road and railway network and countless air traffic routes which providing speedy and efficient connections between communications hubs in the Region of Madrid and between Madrid and the rest of the world.


With the highest percentage of audiovisual production companies in the national territory. The most prestigious and qualified production and postproduction companies, VFX and animation services to carry out all the professional services of a production in an integral way. Technical and Professionals with a solid experience in national and international shoots as well as animation projects or visual effects. More info

Tax Incentives

Spain offers tax incentives for international films and television series which position our country as one of the most competitive shooting destinations in the area.

30% of the first million of the deduction base.
25% on the excess of said amount.

The deduction shall be applied provided such expenses amount to at least 1 million euros. For pre-production and post-production expenses for animation and visual effects in Spanish territory, however, the limit is set at 200,000 euros. The amount of this deduction may not exceed 10 million euros for each production.

Comunidad de Madrid, film set

The Madrid Region becomes an excellent film set to make audiovisual projects come true in the best conditions of quality and service

More than 300 sunny days per year.
One of the safest city in Europe.
Wide range of accommodations.
Varied Gastronomy.
Wide cultural offer.

Shooting in Spain is safe and possible

According to the order of the Government of Spain SND/399/2020 of May 9, 2020, audiovisual production activities are allowed in Spanish territory as they are considered economic and professional activity.

There are a series of sanitary measures that allow returning to the filming with guarantees of sanitary security for all professionals of audiovisual industry. Download the Sanitary Protocole.

Given the different restrictions and mobility orders in the territory, the Community of Madrid, for its part, launched an orden 961/2020 of August 5 that includes specific measures for the activity of audiovisual filming.


Alcalá, 31. 28014 Madrid.
+34 91 720 81 07
Twitter: @film_madrid