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Professional Directory in the Community of Madrid

The Community of Madrid concentrates the greatest variety of service companies and qualified professionals in the Spanish territory, with proven experience and quality, which makes Madrid a magnificent set for making audiovisual projects a reality.

The Madrid audiovisual industry has technical and artistic professionals, with solid training and experience in national and international filming, capable of taking on the most complex productions and integrating into international teams. The services companies facilitate access to locations, provide equipment and material, and are essential for obtaining tax incentives and aid for production.

The audiovisual industry in the Community of Madrid provides near of 3600 companies established in the region, 29% of the national total, which employed 26,082 people in 2021, a number represents 40% of employment nationwide, according to data from the corresponding group business of the Institute of Statistics of the Community of Madrid. Madrid concentrates 35% of the film production companies and around 31% of the animation and visual effects companies in Spain.

Film Madrid, Region of Madrid Filming Promotion Office, offers information about the audiovisual industry in the Community of Madrid with a professional directory including companies and professionals.