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Film Routes in the Community of Madrid

The growing interest of the general public in visiting locations where films and series have been created offers an important opportunity to promote tourism destinations.

A global phenomenon that represents a key alternative to diversify the tourism offer and to tackle its seasonality. This is a new type of tourism that responds to a shift in the interest of new cultural consumers towards the audiovisual industry, with more than 80 million travellers choosing their holiday destination based on films and television series (source TCI Research 2017).

Film Madrid has developed several film routes around the region and has collaborated in projects to promote film and tourism in Madrid.

The dissemination information about the locations in the region of Madrid that have been used for filming offers other audiovisual production professionals the opportunity to find out about potential locations still available for their productions. Additionally, showing the richness and diversity of the region's audiovisual heritage contributes to promote film tourism in the Region of Madrid.

Film Routes in the city of Madrid

Madrid City Council and the municipal film office offer different tours to visit the city through cinema and fiction series.