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Film Madrid Forma, professional training for the audiovisual industry

The Community of Madrid promotes the theoretical and practical training of audiovisual professionals through the ‘Film Madrid Forma’ initiative, a project promoted by Film Madrid, the filming office of the Community of Madrid, with the aim of enhancing the professional training of the audiovisual industry

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Film Madrid Forma with Notodofilmfest

Film Madrid collaborates with film festival Notodofilmfest to provide information and training about the various disciplines of audiovisual creation. A training course with the aim of sharing film production practices and promoting audiovisual development through theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a simple and accessible format.

The fourth edition of the training programme in collaboration with Notodofilmfest takes place during the months of October and November 2023 in the Assembly Hall of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the Community of Madrid.

The programme of masterclasses focuses on different trades such as art direction, editing, still photography and showrunner performance, with four sessions led by renowned industry professionals.

The third edition of the training program in collaboration with Notodofilmfest was developed during the months of october and november 2022 in the assembly hall of Culture, Tourism and Sports Counseling of the Community of Madrid.

A master classes program with renowned professionals from the audiovisual industry, focused on essential film disciplines, with four intensive sessions on costume design, character characterization, the script trade and the colorist's work. The call, free and prior registration, was a success with more than 500 applications spread over the four sessions.

The second edition of the training programme is focused on the profession of location manager. "Everything you need to know about scouting in the Community of Madrid" was taught by renowned location managers such as Miguel Anaya, Valerio Marello and Mario Santa-Cruz

Film Madrid Forma con Notodofilmfest
Imagen de curso
Imagen de curso

The first edition offered masterclass sessions given by renowned industry experts in casting, directing, production and screenwriting.

Masterclass Dirección Casting
Masterclass Dirección
Masterclass Dirección Produccion ejecutiva
Masterclass Dirección Guión

Film Madrid Forma with Another Way

Film Madrid presents the training course How to make a sustainable short film, a new training initiative in partnership with the Another Way association, organiser of the sustainable film festival Another Way Film Festival, and the consulting firmMrs. Greenfilm.

Film Madrid Forma with ALÍA

ALÍA (Alianza de Industria Audiovisual) and Film Madrid present a new campaign of online tutorials that address different technical areas of an audiovisual production, with professionals of recognised prestige and great experience in their respective fields.

Sustainable transition

Asia Jarzyna, sustainable transition expert

Film formats

Jesús Haro, technical director and director of photography

HDR Colour

Chema Alba, colour supervisor and colourist


Miguel Anaya, location manager of Spiral Locations

Production management in audiovisuals

Josep Amorós, production manager

The direction of photography in audiovisuals

Valentín Álvarez, director of photography

Sound editing in audiovisuals

Pelayo Gutiérrez, sound supervisor

Special effects in audiovisuals

Oscar Perea, VFX supervisor El Ranchito

Training with AECINE

The Film Trade programme ofAsociación Estatal de Cine (AECINE), offers free training for the audiovisual sector with the support of the Community of Madrid and the collaboration of APPA in the delivery of the training courses.

Curso Coordinacion Produccion
Curso Controller

Training with APPA

A training project in collaboration with APPA ( Asociación de Profesionales de Producción Audiovisual), taught by active professionals from the audiovisual sector with extensive experience in film and series. Aimed at future professionals in production teams and accounting departments.

Curso Controller
Curso Coordinacion de producción