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The audiovisual industry in the Region of Madrid

The Community of Madrid bolsters the Audiovisual Industry

The Community of Madrid is committed to bolstering the audiovisual industry in the region. The Regional Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports and more specifically its Directorate General for Cultural Promotion, is the public body in charge of the development of the audiovisual and film initiatives, within the general framework of its responsibility to promote and develop culture in the region.

The institutional support for the audiovisual and video game industries is materialised in the actions carried out by the Community of Madrid’s Audiovisual Industry Advisory Board and Film Madrid, the Office for the Promotion of Filming of the Community of Madrid.

Community of Madrid: Audiovisual Production Hub

The region of Madrid is a national and international benchmark for audiovisual production. Madrid's audiovisual industry has great potential in the production of series and feature films. It is home to 35% of the audiovisual production companies and around 31% of the animation and VFX visual effects companies in Spain.

The investment made by Madrid’s advertising industry and its video game sector represents a large volume of the national figures. The animation, VFX and virtual production studios ad well as the service to international productions are also part of a wide range of assets available in Madrid region, as an audiovisual production hub.