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VPX virtual production

Considered the technique of the future in filmmaking, virtual production (VPX) is the process of mixing live images and computer graphics simultaneously. Virtual production is changing the channels and creative workflows in audiovisual production by facilitating real-time commentary and on-set decision making on compositing, visual effects and animation.

The ability to see virtual characters and environments integrated with real sets and characters in real time, by means of the visualisation capabilities of virtual reality, has made VPX not only a complement to post-production but an integral part of the production process.

This type of production has facilitated many processes during the health pandemic, given the travel restrictions to film on physical locations. Virtual production enables teams to collaborate in real time from multiple locations, informed by real-time computer graphics. The director and cinematographer can explore locations from "inside" the environment thanks to virtual reality, making changes at the time of the shot.

The effects of virtual production are one of the most innovative emerging techniques that, favoured by the high demand for audiovisual content, are spreading to productions of all kinds, whether film and fiction series, advertising or video games.

Some of the most competent companies in the VPX virtual production sector are based in the Madrid region, including the company Orca Studios which has a full virtual production studio in Madrid with the latest technology; the production company Mr Factory , specialised in real-time virtual production and the generation of photorealistic 3D scenery with cinematographic quality; and El Ranchito, a visual effects company for film, television and advertising with a longstanding global track record.