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Filming in the Region of Madrid

Safe Shootings Covid

Filming in the Community of Madrid is safe. Audiovisual production is considered an economic and professional activity . During the course of the Covid-19 health pandemic, the Community of Madrid established specific measures for audiovisual filming activities.

A series of preventive measures through different legislative orders issued by the Regional Ministry of Health in the Community of Madrid adopting specific temporary and exceptional public health measures to control COVID-19.

Order 668/2020 of 19 June, issued by the Madrid Regional Ministry of Health, establishes a series of general preventive measures to deal with the health crisis caused by COVID-19 after the cessation of the state of alert, such as limitations on the number of people who can gather in public spaces and the compulsory use of face masks.

Paragraph 38 of this order establishes the health and safety prevention measures applicable for the production and filming of audiovisual works:

  • Compliance with the general health and safety prevention measures.
  • During an audiovisual production, the following measures shall be complied with:
    1. Working teams will be reduced to the essential number of people.
    2. If and when the type of activity allows it, social distancing of at least 1.5 m shall be maintained..
    3. If the type of activity does not allow for social distancing to be maintained, professionals shall use the type of protective equipment most suitable for the risk level.
    4. If the type of work does not allow for social distancing nor for the use of protective equipment suitable for the risk level, as it is the case for actors and actresses, customized safety measures based on the general recommendations of the health authorities shall be taken.
  • Filming may take place in studios and private spaces, as well as in public spaces with the corresponding municipal authorisation.
  • Indoor areas shall be cleaned and disinfected prior to filming.
  • Filming may take place in studios and private outdoor spaces with an assessment of occupational risks and the adoption of the corresponding preventive measures.
Order 668/2020 of 19 June. Paragraph 38: Prevention and hygiene measures in audiovisual production

By means of Order 961/2020 of 5 August, the Regional Ministry of Health has issued two interpretative explanations about the above paragraphs, with the aim of clarifying and establishing their appropriate application

  1. There is no specific limitation on the number of people who can make up a working team, but it should be kept to the absolute minimum.
  2. Actors and actresses will be exempt from the use of face masks exclusively during filming, in accordance with the safety measures designed for each particular case based on the recommendations of the health authorities.
Order 961/2020 of 5 August. Interpretive criteria

Health & Safety Protocols and Good Practice Guidelines

Additionally, the audiovisual industry has implemented a set of health and safety protocols applicable to filming activities to protect the health and safety of all professionals working in the audiovisual industry.

Within the framework of the activities of the Spain Film Commission, of which Film Madrid is a member, they have worked hard to compile a set of health and safety measures in the Guide of Good Practices for Safe Filming, with the aim of returning to filming with health and safety guarantees for all professionals in the audiovisual industry.

The protocol and recommendations included in this text should be interpreted as a guide of good practices and will always be subject to the decisions taken by the public authorities in their respective areas of competence and jurisdictions.

The Spanish Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) has issued in collaboration with various professional associations a "Guide of Best Practices in the Audiovisual Industry for the Prevention of Occupational Hazards during the COVID-19 Pandemic".

The guide has been reviewed by the National Institute for Safety and Health at the Workplace (INSST) and is designed to provide the industry with a single document that can be applied on film shoots. The guide includes contributions from various protocols published by institutions and associations in the audiovisual sector.

The Association of Advertising Film Production Companies (APCP) created this protocol with the aim of reactivating the advertising film activity. The advertising shoots carried out by the associated production companies will be developed following this framework of action and recommendations.

This protocol complements but does not replace the prevention measures that each producer must apply in their own company and workplaces. This protocol framework is verified by AENOR and complies with all the legal and service quality requirements include in the technical specifications of the APCP Guarantee