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The audiovisual industry in the Region of Madrid

The animation and VFX visual effects sector

Spain has an animation and visual effects industry with a major international reputation. It is the second European country and the fifth globally in the production of animated feature films, with 70% of its turnover coming from abroad. Madrid brings together the majority of the most representative companies with more than 30% of the sector's fabric in Spain.

The sub-sector of animated film and digital image generation is undoubtedly one of the most innovative cultural industries with the most specific technological needs within the audiovisual and entertainment industry.

Not only a specialised has a sub-sector been created, but a whole value chain encompassing training, software development, audiovisual creation, animation production, video games, VFX, distribution and a conglomerate of ancillary companies that work and sell their products internationally, with a high degree of specialisation and innovation.

Animation in Spain is at a significantly productive moment, and it should be remembered that despite constituting only 4% of the total number of audiovisual companies in Spain, it is estimated that it generates 20% of total employment, which translates into approximately 8000 jobs.

The companies established in the Region of Madrid not only offer foreign investors and production companies a high and repeatedly proven technical training of professionals and really tight economic costs. Together with the creative talent and excellent training centres, the Region of Madrid has become one of the most important European epicentres for the animation sector.

Madrid concentrates more than half of the companies and turnover in this industrial sector, with a major potential for growth as a pole of attraction for investment and international talent. With these objectives in mind, Pixel Clúster Madrid was created, which comprises 16[JW1] leading companies in the sector such as Dragonkeeper, Sygnatia, Deluxe, Lightbox Academy, The Frank Barton Company, U-tad Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital, Paramotion Films, Lightbox, Esne, Marte VFX, Big Bang Box, El Ranchito, Tangram Solutions, Welaw, Welab, Lightbox Animation Studios and Zinkia.

The Community of Madrid holds an important place in the industry dedicated to the creation and realisation of visual effects. Madrid companies specialising in VFX effects stand out for their high level and qualified work in numerous fiction blockbusters in both cinema and series. Next Limit, El Ranchito and User T38 are examples of companies that have participated in award-winning national and international productions.