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Comunidad de Madrid

Compañía Rocío Molina


Contemporary flamenco

Country: Spain Language: Spanish Approx duration: 1 hr 15 mins (no interval) Year of production: 2012

About the event


"I am not exaggerating if I say that Molina is a prodigy"


Winner of Spain's top dance award, the Premio Nacional de Danza in 2010, at the age of just 26, the celebrated choreographer and dancer, Rocío Molina, describes her latest work, Afectos, as a "reflection based on the battle of being alive, and the capacity of achieving simplicity, naturalness and confidence just by existing."

Although Molina had already worked with her friend, Rosario "La Tremendita", this is the first project they have produced together. "The fact we were on stage, alone with just a bass player (Pablo Martín), it all seemed very easy. Then we realised that in that exposed state you have to deal with your emotions, the importance of those things that are so basic such as a look or gesture," said Molina in a recent newspaper interview.

Dynamic and yet emotive, Afectos is a work in which silence, vibrations, aesthetics, sound, the voice, dance and the stage itself travel the path of a search deep into the soul of each member of the audience. This is a performance built on a structure made up of various pieces, vignettes, all very different in their images and codes.

Molina and "La Tremendita" delve into the inflexibility of emotion, the fragility of pain and the discovery of pleasure. "It's been a hard slog but also very satisfying and something we've rehearsed over and over again. You realise what's going on through the effect it has on you, personally and emotionally. It's a total commitment. You know, like a birth," says Molina. In short, to defy truths and believe lies is what both artists defend in this joint proposal. These women believe in something that is unreal, but in the end, they make it exist.

Afectos was premiered in Barcelona's Mercat de les Flors in October 2012.



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