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What’s cooking

The burners will take front stage in a unique sensorial experience involving the performing arts and gastronomy as a novelty during the 32nd edition of the Festival de Otoño a Primavera (Autumn to Spring Festival) of the CAM (Autonomous Region of Madrid). Some of Madrid’s top award winning chefs will display their culinary expertise in an innovative proposal for the stage. Created by two up and coming young directors on the Madrid theatrical scene, the show combines theatre and cuisine to perfection. The audience will take an active part in the experiment as both spectators and diners, enjoying an intimate experience through their five senses. It is not just a dinner, nor is it a typical show. Just cross the theatre’s threshold and let your senses take over.

All the mysteries concerning this unique experience will be unveiled very soon on our website.

And also

Don’t miss the parallel activities programme for the 32nd Festival de Otoño a Primavera: there will be encounters with the audience, talks, workshops with artists, etc.

Check our website regularly to keep informed of all our projects and news. We periodically update all the information concerning the parallel activities programme.