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Interior noche


Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Year of production: 2022
Approx. length: TBC

Premiere in the Community of Madrid
Serrucho are: Ana Cortés, Raúl Alaejos and Paadín
Creation, production and construction: Serrucho
A co-production of Serrucho and Festival TNT
Technical assistance: Miguel Aparicio
With the support of Citemor, the municipal theatre in Coslada, Graner

The collective Serrucho, after its fantastic Archivo, an immersive piece and unforgettable emotional experience that was presented at the Festival de Otoño in 2019, returns with a work of theatre of objects that uses time as a working material and plays with superimposing impossible space-time fragments.

‘What does it mean to waste time? Why do we ask for a few more minutes? If we’ve got all the time in the world ahead of us, what exactly do we have left behind?’ – company members asked themselves. ‘Since our disconnection from astronomical time, our days pass more quickly and our hours are measured in money. Time conventions based on the cycles of nature have been replaced by a hyper-accelerated business vision.

A long scene of evening camping. A laboratory with foldable chairs, beach umbrellas and tents. Viewers, assisted by headlamps, will progressively discover a collage of objects and memory during this long summer night. The beam of light projected from their heads puts their vision on stage, along with those of the rest of the audience, betraying temporalities and individual decisions that determine the performance.

Camping as a paradigm for free time. A collection of ephemeral objects, designed so that time spreads out. Engineering 2 Seconds (you know, putting up a tent in a couple seconds, with a single movement, made by that French franchise everyone gets their sport gear from) that imposes us to manage our leisure time as a consumer product. To sum it up, it is ‘a show based on phenomenological experience and observation. Events that will be perceived as apparently desynchronised and unconnected because they heed different narrative orders and reference frameworks, via which the passage of time itself will cause a transformation process among the audience,’ according to company members. Or to say it in mythological terms, one more combat, on the stage, between Chronos and Kairos. Which side are you on?

Practical information
25 November - 19:00h and 21:00h
26 November - 13:00h and 19:00h