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Federica Porello

Dance, theatre and dance of objects
Country: Italy-Spain
Approx. length: 50 min (no intermission)
Language: Spanish
Year of production: 2022
Recommended ages: 8 and over

Premiere in the Community of Madrid
Creation and performance: Federica Porello
Dramaturgy: Federica Porello, using texts by Etel Adnan, Tim Ingold, Mike Boxhall, Italo Calvino, Samuel Beckett, Francis Ponge and Susan Weil
Choreography: Federica Porello, from choreographic languages from the companies Mal Pelo and ZOO/Thomas Hauert
Lighting designs: Xavi Moreno
Sound space: Fanny Thollot, from own recordings of everyday situations and pieces by Alvin Lucier, Morton Feldman, Snooks Eaglin, Paco de Lucía, Meredith Monk, Ligeti, Anne Sylvestre, Archie Shepp & Jeanne Lee and Charles Trenet
Sound technicians: Fanny Thollot/Andreu Bramon
Construction of objects on stage: Xavi Moreno, Pep Aymerich, Federica Porello
Artistic advice: Xavi Moreno, Fanny Thollot, Pep Aymerich, Leo Castro, María Muñoz, Pep Ramis
Production: Federica Porello, associate artist at L’animal a l’esquena
Co-production: Ajuntament de Celrà
Collaborations / Hosted in residence: L’animal a l’esquena (Celrà), Teatro Pradillo (Madrid), EiMa (Maria de la Salut, Mallorca), Teatre L’Ateneu (Celrà)
Video recording: Leo Castro
Teaser production: Federica Porello, with the help of Maria Fernanda Soberon
Thanks to: Eduard Teixidor, Zoltan Vakulya, María Mora, Majo Villafaina, María Fernanda Soberon, Enric Fabregas, Jaume Fiol, Sira Aymerich, Miquel Fiol and participants at the Dance of Objects workshops, for those times of shared discussion and research that have nourished the creation process.

Observing each thing, one after another, comparing one to another, one to all, all to all and saying – yes! It is possible!

Dancer, teacher and creator Federica Porello defined her specific practice in NOWHEN that she had been developing since she presented the work WeWood in 2018 with Xavi Moreno and Marine Broise, the starting point for what they called the dance of objects. NOWHEN is a solo in which Xavi Moreno himself (lighting design), Fanny Thollot (soundtrack) and Pep Aymerich (construction of stage objects) also collaborate from the outside. Federica’s also got Leo Castro, María Muñoz and Pep Ramis close, along with the Mal Pelo, the company she’s worked with on several shows.

Words, movements, sounds, lights, objects, ideas… items at the service of the stage that sound like an orchestra, like a sum. Before reaching the final result, she has tried to separate them from each other and to isolate the elements typical of each item (an action, a sound, a focal point), including silence, immobility, darkness. She then experimented with union in different ways, creating chaotic or harmonious atmospheres, depending on whether the ingredients were attracted to each other or repelled. This continuous process of union and separation, dissolution and resolution is at the heart of this production, which seeks to accept, in short, a totality of differences of which we are part. The character that Federica embodies crosses her environment and lets it cross through her, following a tailor-made path that unfolds, a path that starts nowhere and finishes nowhere, which is like saying that it neither starts nor ends. Her sole goal in this fluctuating environment is to remain on the subtle line that separates and joins gravity and lightness.

Practical information
25 and 26 November - 21:00h
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