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Filming in the Region of Madrid

Filming permits

Filming is considered to be any process of recording or broadcasting a television or cinematographic action or shooting a photography session that is carried out within a municipal area needing the occupation of public land, air or subsoil and using vehicles or other elements to assist in the recording.

Any use of the land, air or subsoil of the municipal public domain for filming actions in a municipality will require a municipal permit issued in advance.

The municipal permit will allow the public thoroughfares and spaces to be used by assistance vehicles, technical elements used in the filming and shooting action.

These authorisations include exclusively the permit to use the public spaces without prejudice to the requirement to have any authorisations, permits or licences issued for other specific activities or to provide the necessary services.

The Community of Madrid, through Film Madrid, as part of its overall policy of supporting and promoting audiovisual shoots, offers producers and filmmakers access the public spaces under its scope of competence, pursuant to Law 4/2014 of 22 December .


Applications for filming licences and, where applicable, other additional applications (occupation of space and/or provision of services) shall be submitted online at the Virtual Registration Office (ORVE) using a standard form or in person, with 15 working days' notice.

Applications must be duly completed with all the information required in the standard forms and include a copy of a general civil liability insurance policy in force at the time and covering any potential damages to third parties as a result of the filming. The application must also include any other written or graphic documentation specifically requested to provide sufficient information of the characteristics of the shoot. Additionally, if and when the City Council deems it appropriate, due to the specific characteristics or location of the filming, the application may also be required to include specific insurance policies for the producer or the entity responsible for the shoot.

The City Council office will send the applicant the filming licence and, where applicable, the additional licences for the occupation of spaces and/or provision of services; or, where applicable, their rejection, and/or the reports with sufficient time to comply with the established deadline.

The permit shall set out the conditions under which filming is to be carried out in terms of duration, working hours, elements to be used, vehicles and parking. It is advisable to inform the film office of the Community of Madrid, Film Madrid, about the processing of these applications for follow-up and monitoring purposes.