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The audio-visuals in the Region of Madrid

Animation and VFX

In recent years, the animation sector has evolved exponentially within the global audiovisual industry. Including specifically the Spanish animation industry, which has ended up as the fifth largest producer in the world and the second largest in Europe in terms of the number of animated feature films, thus becoming an international benchmark in the competitive world of digital animation and VFX effects.


Animation in Spain is going through a particularly productive moment. Even though only 4% of the total number of audiovisual companies in Spain work on animation, it is estimated that this sector generates 20% of total employment, which translates into approximately 8,000 jobs.

A clear sign of the good moment that Spanish animation is currently going through is that, despite of the Covid-19 the health crisis, 7 new feature films are expected to be released throughout 2021.

In this scenario, the Community of Madrid is home to the best professionals and companies in this sector, both in the creative and production fields.

The synergy between the Community of Madrid and the animation industry dates back to the 1960s, when the Moro Brothers' animation company became a worldwide reference, winning internationally recognised awards. Years later, the American production company Hanna-Barbera decided to outsource part of its well-known productions and chose the city of Madrid as one of its headquarters. In this way, Madrid began to bring together and form part of the most cutting-edge animation works. This initial stage reached its peak with the production of the emblematic Don Quixote de la Mancha, by Cruz Delgado and José Romagosa.

As for the more recent animation projects, it is remarkable to see several companies based in the Community of Madrid being included in the credits of successful films such as the entire Tadeo Jones saga; Klaus , nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2020; or Bunuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles , winner of the Goya Award for Best Animated Film in 2020. This list also includes internationally successful short films such as Homeless Home by Alberto VÁZQUEZ (2020), screened in Annecy, the most prestigious animation festival in the world.

In this context, the Community of Madrid is currently positioned as the true benchmark in Spain for audiovisual animation, both for its training programmes and also for the creation and industrial development of projects, offering everything necessary to carry out any type of audiovisual project.


The Community of Madrid is not only at the forefront in terms of companies working in audiovisual animation but also in the industry specialised in the creation and production of visual effects, also known as VFX.

The Madrid region's links with this innovative sector also go back a long way. More than a decade ago, the Madrid-based company Next Limit won a technical Oscar for their innovations in special effects software. Additionally, the company Summus Render , won the Data Center Market awards for their Data Processing Centre (DPC).

Madrid-based companies working on VFX effects are worldwide known. We can take as an example and reference the company Solid Angle, which has participated in super productions, such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Pacific Rim, or The Avengers.

We can also find leading VFX companies based in the Community of Madrid in the most prestigious international television productions. Game of Thrones chose the Madrid-based company El Ranchito , which won an Emmy award for its spectacular visual effects. Or UserT38 , which has with a wide portfolio of clients and has worked on a long list of advertising, films or series such as El Cid or Handia, receiving a Goya award for special effects.

All in all, the Community of Madrid is home to the best, most modern and innovative companies specialised in the production of visual effects in Spain and with an extensive international reputation.