Comedia sin título

Sara Molina Doblas

Part of the Lorca 2019 Year Programme

  • Theatre
  • Premiere
  • Country: Spain
  • Language: Spanish, Wolof, French, French and English
  • Approximate duration: 2 hours
  • Year of Production: 2019
Writing and direction: Sara Molina Doblas
Starring: Ana Contreras, Mónica Francés, Álvaro Holgado, Borja López, José Luis Lucas, Victoria Mariani, José Antonio Pérez Ferrer and José Manuel Ruiz Martínez
Sub-Saharan collective: Malick Gueye, Serigne Mbaye and Queen Idehen
Special collaboration: Cristina García Morales, Santiago Ortiz Casanova and Miguel Rojo
Lighting: Joaquin Cutillas
Stage design: José Luis Lucas
Costume: Javier Fernández Casero
Technical assistance: Enric Martín Marí
Video and photography: Joaquín Cutillas
Production: María José Sánchez Montes
Acknowledgements: Laura García Lorca, Elisa y Joséba "Espacio b", Fundación Federico García Lorca, Centro Federico García Lorca, Laboratorio de Creación Escénica (UGR) and the R&D Project "Trans-medialización y crowdsourcing en las narrativas de ficción y no ficción audiovisuales, periodísticas, dramáticas y literarias"
Sara takes tragedy and the impossibility of language for granted and begins from that perspective. Her work is born of pain and nevertheless, the staging is devoid of it, always being presented as a party, a recital, a ceremony that begins with mourning and makes a desperate call to life. Sara's work is the search for an essential time, for signs of life... She appears to know that there is something to rescue, something she is a witness to”.
Itsaso Arana, Fragmentos. Un recorrido por la obra de Sara Molina

"Later I want to do other things (...) and take topics and problems that people are afraid to talk about, to theatre" said Federico García Lorca about Comedia sin título, the work with which veteran director Sara Molina (Jaén 1958) returns to the Autumn Festival in 2019. Considered one of the foremost figures of Spanish avant-garde theatre, the actress and director from Andalusia, founded the company Q. teatro in 1995, and has always maintained her commitment to making philosophical theatre and one of profound reflection. It is no coincidence that during her recent adventures in university theatre, Molina has worked on totem figures such as Pasolini, Beckett and Kantor.

Thirty years after staging this incomplete work by Federico García Lorca for the first time, Molina renews her connections with this social drama, as the poet defined his creation with only one act. "It may be the same work, but my vision in 2019 is different from my first version in 1995. Although I still focus on the theme of truth and the dialogue between the work and the present. And also, its ability to reveal intimate and collective truths that may issue from the large and unique group that we are working with", declares the director, who began researching the text this year in collaboration with the University of Granada, the Centro Federico García Lorca in Granada, and the Fundación Federico García Lorca in Madrid. The result will be displayed to the public in the 37th Autumn Festival, within the framework of the celebration of the Lorca 2019 Year.

This is what Sara Molina has to say about the work: "Comedia sin título is an unfinished, interrupted, premonitory piece that refers to the facts it relates. It's divided into three acts, of which we only have the first, a fragment that we're using as our device. No performer is any specific character, of the more than seventeen mentioned in the piece. Our proposal splinters the text, repeats scenes, it's tragicomic. It's a continuous dialogue with that which is written down and that which isn't, which makes words alive, eloquent, mistaken, mysterious, necessary or superfluous. Ours. Contemporary. The second and third acts will be written on the blank pages of the stage, in a now that is created and reflective, but at the same time, full of adventure and risks. They will be written to be erased later and will allow thought to maintain its commitment to the piece".

Initially trained by Albert Boadella (Els Joglars) and Zubics-Panadero (actors and dancers from the Pina Bausch company), the work of Sara Molina has always been marked by new languages and the performative, but without giving up on the quest for excellence. She has created more than 40 pieces as stage director, of which some are Noús. In perfect-A harmony-A, Made in China, Mónadas and Senecio Ficciones, which was presented at the 35th Autumn Festival. In addition to participating in different domestic and international theatre festivals like the Festival d'Avignon, the FIT in Cádiz and the Exhibition of Spanish Theatre by Contemporary Authors in Alicante, she also teaches at the universities of Granada, Málaga, Cuenca and Barcelona.

"Appearing once again to testify. Testimony of the encounter, of the effort, of the error. Dense, sombre, evident words. That strip us nude and leave us ridiculed. Testimony of a reunion. Exhibition of something intimate. Of what's lacking, what isn't present, what's inconclusive, the words of another. The intimate dimension and politics unite in the structure, the intention and the extension. And in this linking, something of the uniqueness of each participant emerges in the heart of the stage discourse", thus explains the creator her reunion with this Comedia sin título by Lorca.

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