37th Autumn Festival Parallel Activities

1. Autumn Festival School

Centro Danza Canal

This year, the festival includes a series of creative seminars led by three renowned creators of international theatre, to be held in the dance studios of Teatros del Canal in collaboration with Centro Danza Canal (CDC).

Entry to the 37th Autumn Festival's creative seminars is free. The number of available places is 20 per seminar. Registration opens in October. Professionals interested in registering for any of the seminars should send their CV, a photo and a short motivation letter to the following email address: experienciafo@gmail.com. The trainers will select the participants on the basis of their accredited academic training. Details will be communicated on the festival website: www.madrid.org/fo.

Samuel Lefeuvre:
Creative Lab

15, 16 & 17 November, 10.00 - 14.00

For actors and dancers in good physical shape.

After dancing for choreographers such as Michèle Anne de Mey, Alain Platel, Lisi Estaras, Jérôme Bel and Boris Charmatz, and having been a member of the prestigious company Peeping Tom, Samuel Lefeuvre began developing his own projects in 2007, first with musician Raphaëlle Latini and lighting designer Nicolas Olivier, under the name of Groupe Entorse. Later in 2012, he joined forces with the Argentinian choreographer Florencia Demestri. By using a disruptive narrative and an intensive and distorted physicality, the duo invite the audience to surrender themselves to an interpretation of multiple and intuitive realities that give priority to sensations over meaning.

In the 37th Autumn Festival, Lefeuvre sets out to explore choreography tools based on imagination and fantasy. How does an image or a sensation influence our dance? What techniques can help us to transform ourselves into the projected image? The artist explores the notion of physical states, ever present in his creative process. Along with the participants of the laboratory, he explores some of these states that use the choreographic work of his company, in addition to exploring other, more personal states so that each participant may use their imagination and develop an original and creative form of dance.

Fernando Rubio:
Seminar of performance: an approach to multidisciplinary creation

18 - 23 November, 10.00 - 14.00

Aimed at directors, playwrights, actors, visual artists and performers interested in multidisciplinary creation.
To arrange space, time and action in an unaccustomed fashion. This is the goal of the creator and performer Fernando Rubio, who proposes, in his Seminar of performance, to achieve a conceptual understanding of the final form and the intrinsic relations of the work through processes that delve deeply into the essential aspects of that which we wish to narrate. Along with the participants of this experience, Rubio will work on aspects such as the development of an expansion criterion of creative procedures, reflect on performative theatre and its relation to the visual arts, action, urban intervention, and the intention to awaken a critical, fun and creative spirit, so that students may be able to build their own work, either individual or collective.

Open exhibition of the creative seminar

23 November, 12.00
Free entry until full capacity is reached.

Claudia Castellucci:
Esercitazioni Ritmiche (Rhythmic exercises). Theoretical and practical dance seminar

23 November - 1 December, 10.00 - 18.00

For professional dancers.

Director: Claudia Castellucci
Assistant: Alessandro Bedosti
Music: Stefano Bartolini
Production: Socìetas (Cesena, Italia)
Language: Italian (with translator)

This theoretical and practical seminar for professional dancers attempts to communicate the meaning and importance of rhythm by means of physical studies and exercises. Under the aegis of the renowned Italian company Societas, the participants will be led by Claudia Castellucci in discovering the importance of transitions, in a conceptualisation of "penetrating" dance, which deals with intervals and musical pauses as an essential moment of the rhythmic structure of movement.

Open exhibition of the creative seminar

1 December, 12.00
Free entry until full capacity is reached.

2. Creative conversations

"For a plate of olives", with Ana Vallés, Matarile:

Ana Vallés, one of the headliners of this new edition of the Autumn Festival, will share words, wines and olives at El Comunista restaurant (Calle Augusto Figueroa, 35), where she will talk about her 30 years of struggle at the forefront of theatre with her company Matarile.

26 November, 19.00
Free entry until full capacity is reached.

Interactions with the public after the performances.

Free entry until full capacity is reached.

3. Walks through the Prado Museum

Theatrics in painting:

The 37th Autumn Festival proposes a series of walks through the Prado Museum accompanied by an artist or an art historian who will reveal their personal link to some of the most representative pieces in the institution that have inspired their staging in case of the creators, or have influenced their perspective, in the case of historians.

The walks through the Prado Museum will be conducted, among others, by Darío Facal (director and playwright), Claudia Castellucci (director and playwright), Jaime de los Santos (historian) and Julia de Castro (historian and actress).

Free activity for groups with a maximum of 20 persons. Registration: experienciafo@gmail.com.

Metamorfosis, by Laboratoria:

Paintings can be read, interpreted, metamorphosed... Metamorphosis aims to reinterpret some of the most famous images in the history of art, breaking away from the medium and the materials. Can we paint without paint? For the duration of an hour, playing with narratives and the atrezzo, the Laboratoria collective will unleash the creativity and the imagination of the participants in this experience. By substituting paintings with cloth, the paintings become life-size representations. What happens in a work of art? What is its reality? How can we reproduce it in real time? Paintings come to life with the participants' actions, who discover the story hidden behind every painting and thus become their protagonists.

Activity for families with children aged 5 to 9. Registration: experienciafo@gmail.com.

4. Artist residency Europa. Los tutelados, by Mikolaj Bielski

On 24 November 2012, almost a hundred asylum seekers, most of them of Pakistani and Afghan origin walked from the Traiskirchen refugee camp in Austria, 20 kilometres from the south of Vienna, to the centre of the city, where they began a protest at the Sigmund Freud park which was popular with tourists. They subsequently occupied the nearby Votiva church for more than three months. Based on this event and its media coverage, the Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek disgorged a text without beginning or end, openly assuming with a conscious irony the voice of the refugees to issue an ultimatum to the dominant Eurocentrist discourse.

The director and stage creator Mikolaj Bielski, who won the ADE "José Luis Alonso" award for young directors for his show The Ecstasy of the Insatiables in 2016 and is the current artistic coordinator of Réplika Teatro, began in 2018 a process of creation based on the aforementioned text.

This November, at the 37th Autumn Festival, Bielski, whose creations are characterised by the staging of a "poetics of the terrible" through fragmentation and the use of live audiovisual devices, will carry out an artist residency at the Réplika Teatro hall along with the Israeli choreographer and director Nir de Volff.

The result of the process will be available for viewing at the Matadero Madrid in February 2020 as a performance.

5. Show for persons with mental functional diversity

Dance Water
Centro Danza Canal

19 and 20 November, 11.30
Duration: 50 minutes
Entry free until full capacity is reached.

Dance Water is a show specially designed for persons with mental functional diversity. It is a piece of sensory stimulation where dance and live music appear in a confluence with improvisation as a communications resource, to establish a dialogue with the public and to integrate their responses in real time during the performance. A specific staging of movements and sounds which generates an an intimate, warm, energetic and stimulating environment in order to create a sort of mobile scoresheet where the expressions, voices, beats and gestures of the viewers become the protagonists. Dance Water thus becomes a spontaneous encounter which is artistic and therapeutic at the same time.

Soprano saxophone, percussion and kacapi: Chefa Alonso
Movement, ukelele, accordion and toy piano: Raquel Sánchez
Double bass: Jorge Frías
Movement: Ana Erdozain
Production: Jorge Rúa
Lighting: Cristina L. Bolívar
Coordination: Sofía Manrique

* Programme subject to changes.

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