Experimento escénico

Patricia Ruz and Alberto Jiménez

  • Performance
  • Premiere
  • Country: Spain
  • Language: Spanish and invented French
  • Approximate duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Year of Production: 2019
Authors and artists: Patricia Ruz and Alberto Jiménez
Guardian angels: Silvia Nieva and Jesús Barranco
Cauterografías, video and graphic design: Marta Azparren
Stage design: Eleni Chaidemenaki
Lighting design: David Picazo

8. Bi, Staying together
(La Unión)

Above: Kan, The Abysmal, The Water

Below: Kun, The Receptive, The Land

"An instant that one thinks will never arrive. A time that one thinks will never end. One day, that instant arrives. KAPOW. Many days waiting for this instant. A knife that pierces you. You, I, flying though the air, pretend astronauts, insignificant, unable to understand.

Oh wow, it's my turn
Oh wow, we're all there.

KAPOW is the sound I remember of the car hitting my balls.
KAPOW is the sound of my attachment vanishing in one blow.

Perhaps it's just that, an instant, pure coincidence. The meeting of Patricia and Alberto, Alberto and Patricia, two journeys in a common space. Yes, perhaps it's just that, a desperate search for SOMETHING that justifies so many pieces, so much vacuuming. A work that balances on the edge of the body and nothing, dedicated to LiVi(Ng)", explain Patricia Ruz and Alberto Jiménez, creators of this piece.

KAPOW. Artistic experiment is the fruit of Ruz and Jímenez's artistic endeavours to shape their biographies through the rite of theatre, penetrated by an event: the space that opens up to the knowledge of death and the celebration of life. This artistic convalescence has led them to places such as gender polarity, sexual energy, accidents, fear, the passage of time, disease, pain, shamanism and happiness.

For this endeavour, the artists have exhibited a work divided into three individual events within the 37th Autumn Festival. The quotation for each day will be drawn from the I Ching. In the months before the festival, these quotations will have been researched -but not rehearsed- in the company of two observers or guardian angels: Silvia Nieva and Jesús Barranco

Based on the causality proposed by the I Ching, all three events will have a premise or leitmotif which will endow the performance with a fuller meaning. On the first day, the ancestors, on the second, the health of the body and soul, and on the third, the performative aspect. Different collaborators will attend each quotation (parents, a surgeon, a therapist, specialists of the spiritual world and other performers)).

In their company, the audience will be invited to participate as accomplices in these three encounters or expanded improvisations, and they will have the opportunity to see for themselves the concordances, the oppositions, the mystery of the materials at risk or ... who knows what else.

About the artists

Creator, choreographer and artist who lives in Madrid, Patricia Ruz was first trained as a flamenco dancer, and later in contemporary dance and theatre. Her exhaustive training comes from the poetics of diversity as an artistic language, be it due to the fusion of disciplines such as contemporary dance, performance and cabaret, or due to the on-stage integration of different artists, with or without impairments, professionals and non-professionals or different groups to create a scenic fact. Her interest has also led her to research the field of infancy and mysticism. From her beginnings in 1997, in Compañía El Tinglao, a national and international pioneer in stage arts and diversity, she went on to found her own company in 2003, and has since, created more than twenty shows that have been performed in renowned halls and festivals such as Escena Contemporánea, Veranos de la Villa, Madrid en Danza, etc. She is also a member of the [los números imaginarios] company, a research and collective creation project headed by Carlos Tuñón.

Alberto Jiménez has participated in more than thirty plays under directors such as Ernesto Caballero, José Luis Gómez, Daniel Veronese and Álex Rigola among others, and he is a founding member of the Teatro de la Abadía. He studied alongside John Strasberg and Juan Carlos Corazza, and was nominated for the Max Awards in 2010 for his role in Glengarry Glen Ross. He has also acted in films such as El Bola (2000), which won four Goya Awards, Mar adentro (The Sea Within, 2004) and Oviedo Express (2007), television series such as Amar en tiempos revueltos (Love in Difficult Times), La señora (The Lady), La reina del sur (The Queen of the South) and El ministerio del tiempo (The Ministry of Time). He also created three works which were staged at El Canto de la Cabra y la Sala Cuarta Pared: Nada Es Casual, Nada Es Casual 2 -at the Madrid Contemporary Scene Festival - and Cuerpo de Mayor.

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