Teatro invisible

Ana Vallés / Matarile

  • Contemporary theatre
  • Country: Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Approximate duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Year of Production: 2014
Creation and performance: Ana Vallés
Stage design, lighting and sound: Baltasar Patiño
Texts: Ana Vallés
Other texts: Javier Martínez Alejandre
Quotes: Didi-Huberman, Gilles Deleuze, Pasolini and Tadeusz Kantor
Other presences: Kazuo Ohno, Jane Alexander, Melville and Chavela Vargas
Assistant director: Baltasar Patiño
Assistant director: Daniel Baamonde
Photographer: Jacobo Bugarín, David Ruiz, Rubén Vilanova and Baltasar Patiño
Video: Jacobo Bugarín, Manu Lago, Cristina Balboa and Teatro Ensalle
Graphic design and website: Baltasar Patiño
Production: Matarile
Distribution: Juancho Gianzo

"Teatro invisible is a declaration of principles, a direct artistic encounter with the audience, which prioritises factual function and philosophical diction in an amalgamation of subtle stage actions. The ideas flow through the stage while emotions explode". Afonso Becerra, Revista Galega de Teatro

What's untold is left out of history. And precisely, Teatro invisible talks of theatre that's unseen, of that which is neither written nor spoken of. This piece was born after a gap of three years at the Matarile company, when its founders Ana Vallés and Baltasar Patiño, decided to take a break from the stage and recuperate. In 2012, Vallés attended a meeting with the students of direction at the Escola Superior de Arte Dramático (ESAD) in Vigo, to talk about the theatrical forms of Matarile. From this discussion emerged an epiphany, a work that was a spontaneous declaration of principles regarding contemporary theatre: Teatro invisible.

This piece is deemed to be one of the most personal creations of the prolific Ana Vallés, who is also the promoter of the dissemination space Teatro Galán and the International Festival En Pé de Pedra. Vallés faces herself alone and from an emotional perspective on the stage, her career and her experience of theatre. The highlights and the foundations of her relationship with theatre: the body, the objects, the communication.

Teatro invisible ventures beyond the word. It delves into one of the questions researched and experienced by Matarile throughout its career which spans more than 30 years: it is an intimate and direct encounter with the public where the creator opens up to the viewer, to narrate imaginary stories about events that never happened but might have, mingled with real, dreamed-of, or desired incidents. All of which is related to Ana's theatre career, the key to a way of doing, of questions that were never closed. With their stage references and their creative influences.

"Things are. We do them. That's all. Nothing's new or old... in any case, we could talk of the novelty of repetition", she says during the show, in a work where Tadeusz Kantor has great significance, as do Didi Huberman, Gilles Deleuze and Passolini.

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