Exhalación: vida y muerte de De La Puríssima

De La Puríssima / Julia de Castro

  • Musical performance
  • Premiere
  • Country: Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Approximate duration: 60 minutes
  • Year of Production: 2019
Musicians: Julia de Castro (voz, composición), Miguel Rodrigáñez (contrabajo, composición), Gonzalo Maestre (batería), Juan Cruz (piano), Amit Kewalramani (dj set), Camera Quercus, con Juan Pérez, Virginia González, Gala Pérez and Thomas Potiron (cuarteto de cuerda), Diego Postigo (guitarra eléctrica), Dora Postigo (voz tema El rockero), Asociación Cultural Banda de Music de Colmenar Viejo, Mariachi Veracruz and Paco Soto (guitarra flamenca)
Director: Julia de Castro
Writing: Julia de Castro, María Folguera and Diego Bagnera
Irene Cantero
Sound design: Raquel Fernández
Costume design: Jonathan Sánchez
Starring: Enrique Gimeno, Jonathan Sánchez, Andreas von Plotho, María Folguera, Transfiguración Pilar e Inmaculada Maura
Jonathan Sánchez
Space design: Pablo Ferreira
Video: Raquel Arano, Jonathan Sánchez, Astrid Gnosi and José Castellar
Production: Eva Luna, Mariela Pérez and Pedro Palacios
Half jazz, half cabaret and pure cheek. De La Puríssima is an odd duck within the Spanish musical panorama. With their powerful staging, this duo displays a delicious taste for the cuplé, which they combine with jam sessions. Their passionate lyrics and heartwrenching tales make for an extremely personal vision of music, of high quality and a certain provocative spirit”.
El País

"De La Puríssima was never afraid; it was born to question itself. It depicted itself as a battlefield in its lyrics, its music, in the body of Julia de Castro herself. Today, after a decade of creation, it has decided to die. It's a celebration; Mexico was always in its DNA". After a decade reinventing the cuplé and dripping talent and sensuality all over the boards, De la Puríssima saunters off the stage for the last time at the 37th Autumn Theatre Festival, in Teatros del Canal. The duo which consists of musician and actress Julia de Castro and double bassist Miguel Rodrigáñez, launch their last show, Exhalación: vida y muerte de De La Puríssima. It marks the end of ten revolutionary years for this genre of stage music, which they have combined with jazz, cumbia and electronic music in a singular fashion, and staged in half the countries of the world.

As recounted by the duo, De La Puríssima was born in 2009 "as a transition project when music was the most direct and ritualistic means to talk about nuclear topics such as sex, bullfighting, folklore or religion". Now, a decade later, it's time to doff the hat and celebrate the end of a period when the provocative lyrics of Julia de Castro made the rounds of several auditoriums to reinvigorate a musical genre that had become a forgotten remnant of Spanish folklore.

In her farewell on the boards, Julia de Castro will demonstrate that she enters the stage to die every time. For an artist, there's no more sacred space.

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